Franchisor Package


We put Franchisors in front of high quality, motivated, pre-qualified potential franchisees every month.

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We combine the power of LinkedIn and a Video Sales Letter to create, execute, and manage results focused marketing campaigns for you that are so compelling, prequalified, potential franchisees will book appointments with you, excited to speak about your franchising opportunity. 

Franchisor Package


  • Getting you in front of high quality prospects
  • Building Superstar Reputations
  • LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Optimising LinkedIn Profiles and Opportunities
  • Optimising Google Business Profiles
  • Building Marketing Funnels That Work
  • Creating Organic YouTube Marketing Strategies
  • Developing Marketing Messages That Connect With Your Market
  • Getting You Noticed by Your Target Market and Wanting to Talk to You
  • Video Sales Letters That Convert
  • Using these tools to put motivated, pre-qualified potential franchisees in front of franchisors

Complete Franchisor Lead Generation Package

What’s included:

Includes EVERYTHING you need to generate regular, predictable appointments with high quality, motivated prospects who are interested in your franchise opportunity.
This package has prospects booking a time to speak to you!!!

  • Personal LinkedIn profile
  • Banner Imagery / Artwork
  • Banner Message
  • Your Headline (Title)
  • Cover Story / Name Pronunciation
  • Your individual LinkedIn URL
  • Your Photo
  • Contact Info
  • About / Summary
  • Featured Showcase
  • Experience Links
  • Creation and optimisation of Company page
  • Including As above
  • Connected to Personal profile page
  • We will:
    • Develop and document your entire Campaign
    • Build, run and manage your campaign for 12 months (We run it for you)
    • Send up to 1,400 Targeted LinkedIn invites per Month on your behalf
    • (Around 15,000 in a year)
  • Create your:
    • Develop and write you Campaign Connection Message
    • Write your Campaign Connection Follow Up Messages
    • Full Prospect Profile Development
    • Building of Target List
  • NB you will need a Sales Navigator account for this to work effectively

We will:

  • Write your video sales letter script
  • Edit your script based on your feedback
  • Create your VSL presentation and voiceover
  • For the voiceover, we can either do it for you or you can do it yourself
  • Edit your VSL including B-roll and final polis

We will:


  • Create all the landing pages in your marketing and sales funnel INC:
    1. Opt in page
    2. Video Sales Letter page
    3. Application page
    4. Data capture page
    5. Confirmation Page
    6.And all various automations behind the scenes to ensure everything works smoothly and seamlessly
  • Email Marketing: We will create and set up your marketing automation follow up emails with 3 months of emails (these will be based on your VSL script, website, and your other digital resources
  • Host your pages and email automation for 12 months while the campaign runs

We Will

  • Set up your Google Business Profile (GBP) Page (if you don’t have one)
  • Optimise your GBP Page for your target market
  • Show you how to generate 5 Star reviews

You will get

  • Unlimited ongoing phone and / or email support after everything is set up

You will get Full and Free Access

  • LinkedIn campaign analytics, stats, and reports
  • Sales funnel analytics, stats, and reports
  • You will get a written results guarantee, that says, if after 12 months, this campaign hasn’t delivered you a minimum of five times what it cost, simply ask me for your money back and I will deposit it directly into your bank account