Once everything is set up in your lead generation campaign, you have the option to use additional free or low-cost organic marketing channels, or paid advertising channels such as or Facebook or Google Ads. It’s totally up to you!  We charge a one-time investment to set everything up. Once it’s up and running it is pretty much on autopilot from there.

Facebook tells us that currently the best results are generated when you aim for leads costing you between $5 to $30 and appointment costing you between $100 to $300. However, this can vary greatly depending on your industry, competition, location, etc. The only way to know for sure what your Facebook ads will cost is to allocate an initial minimum budget of $1,000 to spend on Facebook Ads, and then calculate your cost per lead and appointment once it has been spent. 

Once you’ve calculated your cost per lead, the second step is to AB split test your ads to see which converts better.  In addition, we’ll provide feedback on your ads and can give you suggestions on how to improve it before they go live

Many of the people we work with have already invested a lot of money in other campaigns before they started working with us, but they’ve struggled to achieve any tangible results with those efforts.  The Video Sales Letter strategy truly allows your marketing to do the heavy lifting and pre-qualify your prospects before they speak to you.  This dramatically cuts down the number of unsuccessful sales calls you have

  1. Our strategy is focused purely on getting one specific result: generating regular, high quality, pre-qualified leads, and sales appointments each month.Very few other programs out there focus ONLY on tangible results. Most other programs are generic lead generation strategies.
  2. Personal 1-to-1 support. We give you fast, personal 1-to-1 support, with practical feedback & suggestions to help you improve your results whenever you need it.
  3. Real tried and tested, strategies that work. These is no BS with our campaign. The strategies we use are not flash in the pan, but rather solid, well tested strategies that are designed for both immediate and ongoing high quality lead generation. Our programs focus on the exact strategies needed to get real results.
  4. One-Year Money back guarantee. We put our money where our mouth is.
    If after 12 months, this campaign hasn’t delivered you a minimum of five times what it cost, simply ask me for your money back and I will deposit it directly into your bank account.
    This is a no risk deal, who else offers you that?

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